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Elnathan Tabor Coffin Clock
by Robert B. Materne


Height – 34 1/2"
Width – 9"
Depth – 4"

Elnathan Tabor apprenticed for Simon Willard from 1787 to 1793. Many consider him one of Simon's best apprentices. Regardless, they remained very close friends and upon Simon's retirement in 1839, he sold his tools and shop to Elnathan.

Many of Mr. Tabor's clocks and cases were similar to his master's for they often used the same casemaker and bought their supplies from the same suppliers. The Coffin Clock was different however. A banjo movement was installed in a very simple box case. Some compare it to a Shaker design, but it's not. Unlike most other brass movements of that period, which were installed in beautiful cases for prominent display, this case was utilitarian for use in work areas such as servants quarters. The movement in this case is handcrafted in Pennsylvania by the clock maker who makes the tall case movements for Robert Materne. It is weight driven time only. This wall clock can be made in mahogany, cherry, or curly maple.


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