Timothy Chandler Tallcase Clock
by Robert B. Materne

Height 90"
Width 20"
Depth 10 1/2"

As boy, Timothy was apprenticed to a wool card maker, becoming a master by 1783. Soon after he moved to Concord N.H., where he learned the trade of clock making. Around 1800 he built a factory in Concord , hiring a number of clockmakers and apprentices. Although he was very talented as a clockmaker, his cases were not quite as sophisticated as those of Simon Willard. Being in New Hampshire in the late 1700's-early 1800's his work was a bit rustic as compared to the cosmopolitan Boston area. Still, you still had to be well off to purchase one. It wasn't until the second decade of the eighteenth century before clocks were cheap enough for the average American to buy. In 1800, a tallcase clock was often the most valuable item found in a house.

The case that Robert Materne makes is made of two woods, curly maple and pine. Again, the methods and materials are true to the period. The movement is handmade in Pennsylvania. Dials are the same choices as found on the Willard Tallcase.



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