Simon Willard Tall Clock
by Robert B. Materne

Overall height, 92"
Width 20"
Depth 9 5/8"

Simon Willard Tall Clock is a Roxbury case with a hand made reproduction movement. This is a federal period (1793) case highlighted with delicate inlays and fretwork. What is so special about this clock is its total attention to detail and proportion.

Robert B. Materne has attempted to reproduce this clock as faithfully as possible, using the same materials and techniques used at the turn of the 18th century. Solid mahogany, mahogany veneer over pine, inlays of Satinwood, Ebony, Holly, and a backboard of pine are found in both the original and this clock. The finish is shellac that Robert mixes himself, as was done back then. The glass in my bonnet is hand blown, cut, and flattened in an oven.


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